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Why not to use Ice Melter/Salt on your driveway

Updated: Apr 23


As we progress into winter the snowfalls become more frequent. This means more snow shoveling and more opportunities for slips and falls. To avoid the slippery concrete most home owners will apply some version of ice melter or salt to the driveway to help take away the ice. However, with exposed aggregate driveways it is not recommended to apply any type of ice melting product to the surface. Over time, ice melter will breakdown the seal over the concrete and eventually begin to deteriorate the driveway as it melts and refreezes. This constant expansion/ contraction wreaks havoc on concrete will lessen it's lifespan considerably.

It is also best practice to avoid ice melter on normal concrete driveways as well, as over time it will lead to breakdown and deterioration of the concrete.

The best method to control ice on the driveway is to simply shovel it before driving over it. Get rid of the snow before it has any chance to be compressed by the weight of a vehicle and turned into ice.

Save the ice melt for the sidewalks!

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