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How to Properly Winterize Your Exterior Faucets

Updated: 1 day ago

As we move into winter, be sure to have your exterior faucets winterized! Here is the proper procedure to complete the process: Winterizing Step 1 -Locate all outside faucets. There is normally a separate shutoff valve inside for each outside faucet. Step 2: Locate Inside Shutoff Valves- Locate shutoff valves inside for each outside faucet. Inside valves have similar handles but may be painted different colors. Inside valves will also have a small cap used for draining excess water from the pipe to the outside faucet. Step 3: Turn Off Water- Turn off water at inside valves by turning handle clockwise. Next, open outside water faucets. Drain excess water inside by opening drain cap with pliers, holding pail underneath to catch water. When water stops draining, close drain cap and snug slightly (Do Not Over-tighten!) with pliers. Close outside water faucets.

Exterior Faucets

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