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5 things to do to get your house ready for summer

Updated: Apr 23

With the start of summer just around the corner here's a few things homeowners can do to make sure their house is ready for the warm days ahead.

  1. Sand & paint trim- Trim relates to the decorative surroundings around windows and doors. Trim is usually wood and is painted, it is important to sand and re-paint any areas of trim that have peeling paint. Doing this will help make the trim last much longer and prevent wood rot which can eventually spread to the walls behind.

  2. Caulk around windows, doors and penetrations- Caulking using an outdoor sealant is important to prevent moisture from getting in behind walls and into the house. It is much easier to caulk in the summer time as the sealant is more flexible and easier to use then the winter time when it is much stiffer.

  3. Check your attic- Take a ladder and pop your head through the attic hatch, if the attic feels excessively warm it may not be venting properly. An improperly vented attic can lead to high temperatures and premature breakdown of the roof shingles overhead, as well as condensation problems in the winter time. If more venting is needed it might be time to reach out to a qualified roofing specialist.

  4. Trim tree branches- It is important to cut away any tree branches that are near or overhanging the house. Powerful summer wind/hail storms can cause tree branches to be blown into the house or fall over completely. This can cause substantial damage to the house. Bushes and shrubs too close to the exterior of the house can also cause moisture problems as they can hold water against the wall cladding.

  5. Keep your downspouts down- Lots of people forget to put the downspouts back down after cutting the grass. Downspouts serve to discharge water away from the foundation of the house. If they are left up water can easily work its way under the foundation of the house or through cracks in the wall. Also, remember to have a positive grade away from the house, at least a 6" drop in the first 10' away from the house. This will help to direct water away from the foundation and prevent moisture problems in the future.

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